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Oak firewood has long been praised for its long lasting quality. Also not always available it goes quickly when we do have it!

Alligator Juniper is often called the "champagne" of firewood. It is easily distinguished from its cousin cedar due to its flaky bark. The wood is very aromatic and produces a crackle when it burns that will make you feel like you are in a mountain cabin.

Applewood chunks

Mesquite is frequently used for cooking because it imparts a very unique flavor into the wood. Although we do not always carry it, it is definitely worth snatching up when we do have it.


Pinon is a type of pine that grows here in New Mexico. It has about double the hardness of regular pine and can create a very fragrant ambiance.

Applewood Bundles and Chunks

We also carry 5lb bundles of apple chunks and apple mini logs. Apple is a great wood for cooking pork, fish, poultry and some types of wild game!

Our pecan wood is cut locally in the Mesilla Valley, where it is highly abundant. It is a slowburning wood, chosen by many to heat the home. Many of our customers prefer to mix their pecan wood with cedar, as this adds a nice fragrance and provides for an easy start. Pecan wood also makes a great wood for cooking. 

Firewood For Sale

Applewood mini logs

Quality Firewood & Materials is a premier supplier of firewood to the Mesilla Valley.
We gladly serve Las Cruces, Dona Ana, El Paso, Deming, Anthony, and numerous other locations in the region.    

All of our firewood is sold in pre-measured quantities. A cord of firewood should always be 4'x4'x8' and here at QFM we make sure you get the right measurement.

You can be certain a cord of firewood is always a full cord at QFM!
We deliver regularly to Las Cruces (and surrounding area), Dona Ana, El Paso, Deming, Truth or Consequences, and Elephant Butte for a small fee. Please call for pricing. Depending on the quantity of wood desired we also deliver to other locations in the southwest.

Our cords are guaranteed full! 

Call now to find schedule a delivery or ask about pricing!

You can rest assured that QFM always has firewood for sale!

Quality Firewood

& Materials, Inc.

Cedar (shaggy bark juniper) is a great firewood often chosen for its easy lighting and great fragrance.