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Quality Firewood & Materials, Inc. is one of the largest retailers of flagstone in southern New Mexico. We carry flagstone from all over the United States and Mexico, and are always looking for new and unique flagstones to add to our selection. Our location makes it convenient for customers from Las Cruces, El Paso, and the surrounding area to come take a look at our inventory. If you are unable to pick up the flagstone, we also offer delivery service.

Setting flagstone is an excellent way to add a patio to your garden. The outcome of a well planned flagstone project can be just the touch you need to make your garden that peaceful hangout spot you've always wanted it to be. However, flagstone does not have to be constrained to the outdoors - it can be sealed and laid to make a beautiful indoor flooring as well.

Flagstone comes in a variety of colors, stone types, thicknesses and sizes. Stone-types vary from sandstone to slate and quartz, and will play a part in helping you to get just the look you want. Flagstone can have very exotic coloration and even include fossils, or it can have a simple, beautiful one-tone. 

We want to make finding the right type of flagstone easy. That's why we carry a large selection of flagstone on hand for you to browse. All of our flagstone is natural stone and comes from a number of different states.

Our flagstone is priced by the pound and depending on thickness and origin is priced between $.12 and $.28 per pound. In order to serve our customers we allow one pallet of each type and color of 2"- flagstone to be open at any given time so that you can buy one piece, 10 pieces, or the whole pallet. Although an additional charge of $.02 per pound will be applied to flagstone that is taken from an open pallet, this allows you to buy no more than you need.

Not sure how to install flagstone? Visit this free resource for some valuable information!


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